Innovative water treatment system for your home

Discrete & Unobtrusive

Reinforced Concrete

EN 12566-3 Certified

Extended Desludging Intervals

Suited for Existing Septic Tank Upgrades

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The system comprises a full 4000 Litre ( 900 gal ) Primary Treatment tank and a similarly sized Secondary Treatment tank. This allows for substantial sludge storage to extend the interval between desludging – typically 3 – 5 years. Because of this unique two-stage construction, the Oakstown BAF® system is ideally suited to upgrading existing septic tanks.


Unlike some plastic systems, the Concrete Tanks will not rise, or crush, when ground water rises and clay expands during inclement weather. Furthermore, there is no requirement for concrete backfilling around our tanks, simply backfill with clay – a considerable saving.


The BAF® system has been extensively tested at the Institute of Wastewater Technology in Aachenin Germany to achieve certification to En12566 part 3. The treatment efficiency results far surpass the requirements of the Irish annex to En12566-3