Wastewater Treatment systems for the home

This is the ideal wastewater treatment system for domestic dwellings. Whether it is a new build, a renovation or a tank upgrade this is the most effective solution for the standard family size.

Discrete & Unobtrusive

Reinforced Concrete

EN 12566-3 & SR66 Certified

Lowest Energy Use

EN9001 Quality Certification

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The BAF® System is housed in one 6730 litre concrete tank which gives a much longer desludging interval than most systems.
The system is certified by The Irish Agrement Board for use by 6 people.


Unlike some plastic systems, the concrete tank will not rise, or crush, when groundwater rises and clay expands during inclement weather. Furthermore, there is no requirement for concrete backfiling around our tanks – simply backfill with clay – a considerable saving.


When installed, the BAF System is fitted flush with the surrounding ground level – no unsightly equipment protruding above ground.